Loradon Screenshot

Genre: 2D Multiplayer RPG

Role: Designer

Website: www.ifthensoftware.net/loradon_online


Loradon is the only project that my function was not to program. I came on-board this project around 2004 and talked my way into a designing position on the team. There was a programmer, an artist, another designer, and then a small group of moderators and server handlers. As time progressed, more and more work fell on my shoulders for designing as I took a mathematical approach to the design process for balancing purposes.

Some of my roles during the project included designing maps, enemies, and balancing them with the ever growing list of items. As the end of my time on this project approached I developed new class, leveling, combat, and item systems. I also programmed NPC conversation menus and quests using LUA.

In 2008 I left the team and a few years later the game shutdown. I made a lot of good friends on there and it was a very fun experience.



Invisibleman - Programmer

GreyKnight - Artist

Zero - Designer


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