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September 09, 2011
Michael Schoell

DarkForge DX9vsDX11

DirectX 9 vs DirectX 11

The above screenshot shows a basic sample of DarkForge utilizing DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. Both are using a multithreaded approach, DirectX 9 using my custom command list and DirectX 11 using render lists. Using DirectX 11 is still in its infancy stages, this is about all that it can do right now. Ultimately I hope to be able to switch between the two without any code differences, though obviously certain DirectX 11 features such as Shader Model 5.0 and Compute Shaders will be specific.

Recent feature additions and changes to DarkForge have revealed issues and temporarily broken full-screen mode. Fixing full-screen is the least of my worries, as it will fix itself once the long term changes to data management are finished. The revealed issues however are proving troublesome, as they involve multithreading. These issues almost never pop up so it takes a long time to test my theories, so it is a slow process.

Soon, I hope to have some DirectX 11 rendering screenshots, showing the comparable scene with DirectX 9 and the speed differences. One of the first projects to show off the difference in capabilities will be my Mandelbrot program. DirectX 11 supports doubles in shaders, which will allow for more zooming in the project.

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