The Passage
Programming Title

August 1, 2011
Michael Schoell

Point Lights

This image is the results of point lights added to my traditional deferred shading. As in previous images, there are ten thousand individual draw calls here. Two different sized spheres are drawn without using scaling and they have 13 vertical and horizontal slices each. There are three different textures applied to both sized spheres. Due to the scene map, there is only a small handful of state changes and thus command calls, which is crucial for speed.

Thats how the system has worked, nothing new so far. What is new are the point lights, one thousand of them. Frames per second are still above thirty, and while there is almost no game logic happening, it does show the room for keeping an object dense scene while running a game. Thus far I am happy with the work and even happier knowing there is room for improvement.

Some immediate work with the system will be set in making DarkForge more usable for a game. Just because it can pump a lot of polygons to the scene does not mean its worth anything if it can not make pong (in 3d of course). Collision handling and various line segment to triangle checks are first on the list and I will see where things go from there.

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