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There are thousands of items obtainable in World of Warcraft. Each item has its own purpose and rarity. In the future I hope for this section of the website to hold the various peices of items for players to view. At that time the page will be more designed.

Grey items are useless to players and generally can be sold to a vendor for money. You will find there are some players who enjoy collecting certain grey items for recreational and cosmetic purposes. Grey gear is often collected by some players to make a "set"; grey gear of the same set looks similar and can give your character a cool look when worn together. This gear is otherwise useless in battle and generally only worn by players when they are a lower level still looking for better gear.

White items have a purpose within the game. They could be quest items, cooking ingredients, profession materials or other useful purpose to players and can sometimes be sold in the Auction House if you don't find a need for it yourself. White gear is still pretty much useless but is a better quality than grey gear.

Green items are typically gear peices although there are some other uesful green items in the game. These items tend to have a higher quality and a big purpose such as profession materials or to be turned in for reputation. Green gear is when you start seeing bonus stats on it that are useful to your player. It is a good idea when collecting gear to equip gear only with useful stats to your particular class. These stats will enhance your performance. Another use to green gear is for enchanters to obtain enchanting materials.

Blue items are considered rare. There are a random few blue items that are profession materials and these materials are expensive and typically create items that require a lot of materials and are rare themselves. Blue gear that randomly drops off any enemy and always drops off bosses in dungeons. This gear has a substantial amount of increased stats on it than green gear. These items also have a higher vendor value. For enchanters, blue items give a higher quality enchanting material than from green gear.

Epic items are purple in color and have a much higher quality and rarity than blue items. These items are harder to come by and especially difficult to obtain for profession materials. Epic gear can also be randomly found on enemies and hold a much higher value. This quality gear is also dropped from heroic mode bosses and raid bosses. When disenchanted by enchanters, they also produce a unique material that is worth a lot.

Legendary items are very unique, very difficult to obtain and very high value and quality. Legendary gear is highly sought out but generally only obtained by a few players per server.

Heirloom items are obtainable by 80+ level players for their lower level characters for faster leveling. These typically have higher stats on them than any gear you obtain from questing or dungeons. Also, some peices of heirloom gear give a bonus to experience gained.

Most items can be traded between players. High value items will often be put on the Auction House to be sold to another player that has more use for this item. There are lots of profession materials on the Auction House, collected by players to earn money. Crafted gear is often also put on the Auction House to be worn by other players or even disenchanted by enchanters. There are some items, however, that cannot be traded between players.

  • Quest Items - These items may not be traded between players.
  • BoE - This is short for "Binds when equipped". This status are only applied to green and higher quality gear items. Once equipped, the item no longer is tradable.
  • BoP - This is short for "Binds when picked up". This status is generally only applied to green and higher quality gear items but there are also some other non-gear items that hold this status. These items may never be traded between players.
  • BoA - This is short of "Binds on account". This status is applied to heirloom gear. This gear may only be traded between characters on the same account and server.