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Welcome to; your new source to everything you want to know about World of Warcraft! Or at least that is the dream of this website once it is complete. This website is and probably always will be under construction. This website is used as a tool to enhance my knowledge of website design and development. With it, I can test my use of coding as well as an appealing design for its viewers. This website is constantly being updated with more information as well as the design itself, constantly improving as I learn. If it ever gets to be complete it will be chok-full of information about the game. There will be databases filled with information for you to search and view. Feel free to look around and what this site has to offer at this time. If you have any feedback or even suggestions, please feel free to email the web creator and designer. Any suggestions would be wonderful to hear. After all, this site is being created to fit the needs of what World of Warcraft players want to see.

January 16, 2011 - WoWTAH Webmaster

On the Classes page each of the classes now link to the new classes page. These class pages are still incomplete as data is still be collected for them and inserted into the database.

January 15, 2011 - WoWTAH Webmaster

The page for each of the classes and races are being modified. Instead of there being an individual page for each class and each race, there will now be one page for all the classes and one page for all the races. The information for each class and race will now be pulled from a database.

The new link at the top of this home page is temporarily in place simply so that the new classes page may be quickly looked at as the the coding and design is tested.

November 12, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

For the current finished class pages, all the title graphics have been updated to suit the colors they correspond to in-game. Would also like the glow behind the parchment picture to have this same color.

October 3, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

All races on the races page now link to their own page and each of these pages are complete for now. Images for the racial traits section will be coming in the future.

September 30, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

Races page has been updated with all new race links using image sprites.

April 23, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

Progress will continue shortly. Want to get all of the classes pages created and then races after that to get rid of a lot of links that don't go much of anywhere.

February 27, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

The Transportation page is back to its original look and feel, even better coded than its last update. All icons on the Achievements page under each link is now showing. There are still a ton of achievements to view so in the future there are plans to have a sub-category nav-bar for the other achievements. This will probably be done executing frames. Small changes in the Druid Forms page has a small change, each of the bulleted areas are now in lists and so indented. Also in the near future an image of each of the druid forms will be placed by each of the categories.

February 23, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

As you can see, the main page here has undergone some changes visually, hoping for a better appeal. Specifically right now the Achievements page is being worked on in preparation for the JCC Annual Web Competition. You will notice that each link on the achievements page works and shows the desired achievements. There is some issue with some pictures for the achievements not showing, that is currently being worked on. The Transportation page is also undergoing some changes so it will validate more efficiently.

January 19, 2010 - WoWTAH Webmaster

Hello all and happy late New Year! I realize I have not updated this website for quite some time but will be working on it again. Please realize that though the site is not being updated that does not mean it is not being worked on. To make this site fully functional and full of all the content that is hoped to be on it, lots of outside work needs to be done.

The main thing that is currently being worked on is the achievements page. There is now new navigation on this page to be more appealing and functional. The actual content coming from the database will be updated to be more appealing soon. Also other random pages will get small updates to them to be more functional and appealing. Those additions will be announced as they are done.

Also what I will be working on is getting a page for comments so I can get better feedback from my viewers. I realize not everyone likes to use email.

August 31, 2009 - WoWTAH Webmaster

Information now shows from the database on the Achievements page. Further progression to update the visual appeal of this information coming soon.

Thank you for your patience as this website is developed. Remember, if you email the designer, you can help create a wonderful fansite by giving your input!