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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achievements

World of Warcraft's achievement feature is sure suit a wide range of play styles. Achievements are sure to satisfy any goal-oriented player and offer challenges to everyone. Achievements also definetely satisfy those players that love to collect vanity items such as companions, tabards, mounts, and even titles. Covering every aspect of the game, achievements are one grand way for every player to enjoy them. How?

Just enjoy sitting back and receiving achievements as you play?

General achievements contain over 50 achievements for your character to recieve, most with little to no effort to be obtained as you play the game. There are even some special rewards that come out of them that will be just as much of a surprise as getting the achievement itself. All of these achievements are fun and entertaining to complete.

Love to quest and strive to do as many as possible?

There are over 40 achievements that are specifically based around completing quests in every zone. Plus there is a special title and tabard reward for completing every achievement listed in this category.

Are you an adventurer, driven by the exploration of all the lands?

With over 60 regions and 100s of sub-zones, there are plenty of hours of exploring fun for you to do no matter which continent you are on. Also there is a tabard and title in it for those brave and adventerous explorers.

Do you thrive sheding enemy blood with brutal battles of various kinds?

Player vs. player is a popular game-play that many people enjoy. With 6 battlegrounds, there are various types of them and countless challenges awaiting inside of each of them. PvP zones outside the battleground that require you to take down any enemy in your path provide you with even more blood seeking accomplishments. With many more achievements also obtainable from the arenas, your challenge to become the best PvP player and show it off with your achievements is a long one, but full of hours of brutal fun.

Do you seek to be challenged by a new dungeon and fear no boss that comes out of it?

Dungeons and raids are full challenges. Down to killing a certain number of bosses or killing them a certain way that makes it even more challenging. There are multiple difficulties to each dungeon and raid, giving you even more things to achieve and allowing you to experience them in a whole new exciting way.

Maybe you enjoy creating and gathering items that are useful to other players?

With being allowed 2 primary professions and there being 3 secondary professions that you learn, there are many different things you can craft and create as well as gather and sell. Most the achievements in this catagory are based around the secondary professions but these professions open up a whole new window of opportunity and fun from earning these achievements.

Like to be popular and loved by all?

There are dozens of different reputations for you to build up and dozens more rewards that come out of it, not only from the achievements themselves. Earning reputation can be tedius for some, but for others, its a new accomplishment that is rewarding with many titles.

Who doesn't love the holidays..especially when the relatives aren't around?

World of Warcraft celebrates 9 different holidays, providing you with dozens of ways to celebrate them as you earn achievements and titles doing it. Also under this category is the amazing Argent Tournament which will provide you with a new experience so be sure to check that out as well!

Didn't find your forté? Though earning achievements provide endless fun for most people, they may not be for everyone. If you just prefer to sit back and play the game, doing what you enjoy, then thats fine too. You will still find that the achievements roll in without you expecting it. Who knows, maybe you will find receiving these achievements is actually somewhat rewarding.

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